Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2023, Biography, Wiki, Age, Weight, Wife, Education, Career

Hello Friend! In this article, we will talk about Bandman Kevo, which contains information on Bandman Kevo’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, and weight, among other things. Bandman Kevo is a musician with a net worth of around $40 million.

Some of you may be familiar with his songs. Some of you may have seen him on television or followed him on social media. He is a guy of the twenty-first century, and everyone believes he is one of America’s top social media stars.

Bandman Kevo is hip-hop music that has had several chart-topping tracks throughout the years. Kevin Ford is his actual name, while Bandman Kevo is his stage name. This rising rapper has amassed a sizable following base through his social media presence. On his eponymous Twitter account, the artist has almost 80,000 followers.

Brief Facts On Bandman Kevo Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Weight, Wife, Education, Career

Bandman Kevo Real NameKevin Ford
Popular NameBandman Kevo
Bandman Kevo Birth DateFebruary 16, 1990
Bandman Kevo Age 33 years old
Bandman Kevo Height5 feet 8 inches
Bandman Kevo Weight80 Kg
Bandman Kevo Birth PlaceChicago, IL, U. S.
Bandman Kevo Marital StatusMarried
Bandman Kevo WifeDyme Kevo
Bandman Kevo ProfessionRapper
Bandman Kevo Net Worth$40 million
Bandman Kevo NationalityAmerican
Bandman Kevo ReligionChristian
Eye Color/Black ColorBlack

Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2023

He is one of those artists who broke into the music business on their own, without the assistance of a record company or promoters. Those musicians are called indie musicians. What a fantastic accomplishment to have.

Bandman Kevo’s net worth of $40 million is widely regarded as the best musician on the planet. According to several publications on the internet, Bandman Kevo is considered the most famous musical artist.

Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2022

It has already been revealed that Bandman Kevo is worth millions of dollars. There is a significant amount of profit to be had here. In addition to his profession as a singer, he has earned close to one million dollars from the earnings from his many social media profiles.

It will be hard to believe, but he earns more than $50,000 for a single social media post. His total number of followers across all social media platforms exceeds thirty million.  

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Bandman Kevo Education

Bandman Kevo attended a local elementary school in his town for primary schooling. Later, he went to high school in Chicago but walked out in 10th grade because courses, in his opinion, the teacher did not teach him how to be rich, which he urgently desired.

Bandman Kevo completed his diploma to secure a job before starting his musical career. Nonetheless, he produced a video on his official YouTube account in 2020 informing his fans about his hoax and its reason.

Bandman Kevo Career

Bandman Kevo began his musical career at the tender age of 17. Kevo made his hip-hop debut in 2013 with the song “All Foreign.” The song worked wonders in capturing the interest of many spectators. People loved the song, and it received millions of views. This accomplishment inspired Kevo to continue on his road and release his second single.

He released another single, “Who is Dat?” in 2014. This song was the second success in succession, as it was also a terrific smash, with over one million views on the official video he posted on YouTube.

Then, in August 2014, he released another song named “Baller in Me,” delighted with his previous success. This song was a huge smash, propelling his career to new heights. His accomplishments attracted a great deal of interest.

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

Due to Bandman Kevo’s string of successful songs and expanding notoriety, he was approached by other rappers and given a record label contract. Universal Records is the record label of bandleader Kevo. He proceeded to record successful songs under this label, propelling his career to new heights.

In 2014, he released his debut mixtape, “Fast Life Mixtape,” which was also a success with fans. He released another song, “Gas,” in 2015. This song, as predicted, became a smash, and his popularity paved the route for his eventual success.

Bandman Kevo has also launched his own YouTube channel, “bandmankevo.” On this channel, he used to publish official music videos and videos about his everyday life.

He released a song called “Finesse the God” in 2019, which was enjoyed by hip-hop fans. Later that year, in 2020, he released another song named “Strangers,” which successfully captivated a large audience with its words and melodies.

He launched his single “Stop playing with me” in 2021, which captivated music fans due to its distinctive basis and increased intensity. “Fresh Out The Gym,” his most recent single, was released in 2022. This song is a tremendous smash; viewers may listen to it on Deezer and Spotify.

Bandman Kevo is also a business owner and financial counselor. He made several investments in projects such as NFTs. Kevo also has an account on Only Fans with a large fan base. He inspires his followers on financial concepts, business suggestions, credit rehabilitation, and making smarter investment decisions, and he assists them in reaching their final objective.

Bandman Kevo Height & Weight

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

Bandman Kevo, who is 33 years old, measures 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall and weighs around 75 kg or 165 pounds. We don’t know his physical measurements like chest size, biceps size, or waist size. His hair and eyes are also black.

Bandman Kevo Profession

Kevo, a musician, began his professional career at 17 age. In 2013, he released his first single, “All Foreign.” The song was well-known since it was a tremendous hit. With this song, he gained recognition on social media. 

Bandman Kevo has developed into a fantastic professional rapper at such a young age. “Uber,” Kevo’s next smash single, was released in November 2019. Over 1.5 million people have seen the song on YouTube.Bandman Kevo has achieved great popularity and success in his professional career.

Bandman Kevo Wife & Girlfriend 

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

According to media reports, Bandman Kevo is married. After extensive research, Bandman married his wife, Dyme Kevo.

Dyme is also a model. She has also performed in a few music videos. Bandman is said to have a child named Chicago Kevo. He’s also shared many photos of his child on social media.

Dyme Kevo, Bandman’s wife, alleged in April 2022 that Bandman had abandoned her and their little children. On the other hand, Bandman accused Dyme of faking her emotions on Instagram live.

Bandman Kevo Social Media Links

Bandman Kevo enjoys posting photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He is always sharing his activities on social media to engage his supporters. He is a well-known celebrity having so many followers on social media. Kevo’s net worth in 2023 will be $40 million.

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Bandman Kevo Arrested

On (June 4) Friday, Chicago musician Kevo was detained in Miami. Bandman Kevo is still in legal jeopardy after being charged with fraud in 2014.

According to sources, Kevin Ford, also known as Kevo, was arrested on five distinct offenses ranging from felon in possession of a handgun to using a firearm while committing a crime, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest. He was later freed after paying bail.

Bandman Kevo Lifestyle

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

We discovered through viewing his images on social media that Bandman earns a solid living from his singing career. He regularly posts photographs of various automobiles on social media. Aside from that, Bandman Kevo likes to wear branded clothing, shoes, and watches.

He’s also shown off his massive silver and diamond necklaces and watches. Kevo lives in a mansion in Chicago. Aside from that, he also possesses an extensive collection of high-end cars. Bandman Kevo’s net worth is estimated at $40 million (approx.).

FAQs Regarding Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2023

Who exactly is Bandman Kevo?

He is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, musician, and businessman.

What is Bandman Kevo’s net worth?

Bandman Kevo’s net worth is $40 Million.

Who is the wife of Bandman Kevo?

His wife’s name is Dyme Kevo.

What is the age of Bandman Kevo?

He has age 33 (as of 2023).

Why is Bandman Kevo famous?

Because of his songs and music videos.

What is the actual name of Bandman Kevo?

His actual name is Ford Kevin.

What is the height of Bandman Kevo?

His height is 5 feet 8 inches.

What is the weight of Bandman Kevo?

His weight is 80 Kg.


Bandman Kevo is a talented and popular rapper. He’s also a savvy businessman who understands how to invest. Kevo is in terrific form and maintains a highly active social media presence. I hope you find this article regarding “Bandman Kevo Net Worth” interesting; please share this article with your loved ones.

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