Andy Hildebrand Net Worth 2023, Bio, Wiki Age, Profession, Nationality, Weight, Height, Wife

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Brief Facts On Andy Hildebrand Net Worth 2023, Bio, Wiki Age, Profession, Nationality, Weight, Height, Wife

Andy Hildebrand Real NameAndy Hildebrand
Andy Hildebrand BirthdayMay 12, 1954
Andy Hildebrand Age69 years old
Andy Hildebrand ProfessionEngineer, Entrepreneur, and an Inventor
Andy Hildebrand InventionAuto-Tune
Andy Hildebrand NationalityAmerican
Andy Hildebrand EthnicityAmerican
Andy Hildebrand Height5 feet 10 inches
Andy Hildebrand Weight75 Kg
Andy Hildebrand WifeGeorganna
Andy Hildebrand Net Worth$23 Million

Who is Andy Hildebrand? | Andy Hildebrand Bio

Andy Hildebrand is an American-born scientist born in California on May 12, 1954. He is 69 years old, and Andy Hildebrand net worth of $23 million by 2023. Andy Hildebrand earned a degree in science from Rice University. He founded a computerized signal processing firm that developed software that allows researchers to understand seismic data.

Andy Hildebrand finished the calculation on a faithful Macintosh PC in 1996. After some labor, he presented his results at the NAMM Show shortly after. He created the Auto-Tune. Andy Hildebrand, a Ph.D. investigative engineer, used stochastic evaluation theory and automated signal management. In mid-1996, he ran the study on a faithful Macintosh PC for a period before presenting the results at the NAMM Show, where “it was a big hit.”

Andy Hildebrand studied music pieces after starting his sophisticated signal processing company. His second business was Antares Audio Technologies. He used superior signal processing technologies to create music programming. His net worth continues to grow. Andy Hildebrand has garnered several awards for his philanthropic activities and practical work. He recently visited the University of Illinois and expressed his excitement for science and innovation.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth 2023

Andy Hildebrand invented the Auto-Tune. Dr. Andy Hildebrand, a Ph.D. exploration engineer, works in stochastic evaluation theory and computerized signal management, making him rich. Andy Hildebrand net worth is predicted to be $20 million in 2021. This stems from being the inventor of the product used by artists all over the globe. Andy Hildebrand net worth is expected to be $23 million by 2023.

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Andy Hildebrand Wife

The name of Andy Hildebrand’s wife is Georganna. Both he and his wife live in a redwood forest outside Felton, California, with two dogs, two cats, and a slew of raccoons.

Andy Hildebrand Family

Harold Andy Hildebrand and his wife Georganna are doing excellent work in the community. They were recently recognized when they donated $80,000 worth of equipment to the Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Association Program.

Andy and Georganna have been blessed with a child. Since Dr. Andy Hildebrand is not a media star, we have had a difficult time discovering who Andy Hildebrand’s parents are. However, if we come across any new information on Dr. Andy Hildebrand, we will be sure to update this site accordingly.

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Andy Hildebrand Age/Birthday

Dr. Andy Hildebrand is a scientist who was born on May 12, 1954, in the state of California in the United States. He will be 69 years old in 2023.

Andy Hildebrand Height and Weight

He is 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs around 75 kg (165 pounds).

Andy Hildebrand Career

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth 2022

When Hildebrand joined Exxon, his career got underway in 1976. Before starting his own business in 1989, he worked on seismic data processing research for many years. He worked on signal processing in the geophysical sector until 1989. He used sound waves to survey the earth’s depths. This marked the start of the hunt for mineral and oil resources. Since then, he has worked to hone his business abilities.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re curious about Andy Hildebrand net worth. Through his innovations, this guy has amassed wealth. By 2023, his net worth will be over $23 million. Hildebrand has a daughter and is married. Additionally, he donated roughly 80,000 dollars to support the CTEP program in Santa Cruz County.

Andy Hildebrand started as a studio musician at sixteen after beginning to study classical flute in elementary school. He was able to complete his undergraduate degree thanks to music scholarships, and he also gave flute lessons. Hildebrand returned to school after earning his bachelor’s degree to study writing. He learned about the potential of sampling synthesizers while attending Rice University. He produced music using this technique that sounded like actual instruments.

Hildebrand, a flutist by training, was motivated to develop ground-breaking technology to enable musicians to produce more expressive music. Later, he established his own business, Antares Audio Technologies, which created advanced digital signal processing and sampling software. Pitch adjustment was difficult before Auto-Tune. Hildebrand aimed to let musicians concentrate on the song’s sentiment rather than the pitch.

Andy Hildebrand Education

It is impressive that Andy Hildebrand has an engineering background. He worked in the oil sector for a while after earning his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois before founding Landmark Graphics, his own business. It was the first standalone workstation for interpreting seismic data.

Hildebrand improved the world during this period with his inventions. This invention greatly aided the oil business and the search for oil. The system Hildebrand created has helped a lot of oil firms.

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Andy Hildebrand Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune is a piece of real-time audio pitch-correction software that Andy Hildebrand developed in 1996. This program eliminated the need to patch together several takes, a big issue in the recording business that this software helped alleviate.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth

It is now considered an essential tool in studios, and his tale has been reported in various media, including Priceonomics and PBS Nova. Because of his work, many people have noticed him, and on September 15, 2016, he will be giving a talk at Rice University.

FAQs Regarding Andy Hildebrand’s Net Worth 2023

Where Currently Does Andy Hildebrand Live?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand and his wife Georganna reside close to a Redwood Forest in Felton, California.

When is the birthday of Andy Hildebrand?

Andy Hildebrand was born in California on May 12, 1954.

How old is Andy Hildebrand?

The age of Dr. Harold Andy Hildebrand is 69 years.

What is Harold Andy Hildebrand’s estimated net worth for 2023?

The current estimation of Andy Hildebrand’s net worth is $23 million. He founded Antares Autotune.

How much tall is Harold Andy Hildebrand?

Andy Hildebrand is 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall.

Who is the creator of Auto-Tune?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand created Auto-Tune. The first song released using Auto-Tune applied to the vocals was Cher’s “Believe” from 1998.

What is the nationality of Andy Hildebrand?

The nationality of Andy Hildebrand is American.


The current estimation of Andy Hildebrand’s net worth is $23 million. He is the creator of Auto-Tune, a program that corrects pitches and completely changed the music business. Hildebrand was educated in electrical engineering at Rice University after being born in California.

Additionally, he received a doctorate in signal processing from Rice University. He has given computers to local schools and CTEP programs, and he plans to utilize his newfound income to give back to the neighborhood.

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