Linda Tripp Net Worth 2023, Age, Career, Education, Height, Husband, Children, Death, Rumours

Linda Tripp Net Worth – American government servant Linda Tripp is well recognized for her pivotal involvement in the 1998 Clinton-Lewinsky controversy. She covertly taped private conversations between then-President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a coworker. At the time of her passing, Linda Tripp’s net worth was over $40 million.

Let’s learn more about Linda Tripp’s life, including such details as his age, weight, height, education, profession, husband, children, family, controversies, and rumors, among other things.

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Quick Facts On Linda Tripp Net Worth 2023, Age, Career, Education, Height, Husband, Children, Death, Rumours

NameLinda Tripp
Linda Tripp Net Worth$40 Million
Linda Tripp Birth24 November 1946, New Jersey, USA
Linda Tripp DeathApril 8, 2020
Linda Tripp NationalityAmerican
Linda Tripp Age70 years
Linda Tripp Height5ft 10in
Linda Tripp Weight75 kg
Linda Tripp MotherInge Carotenuto
Linda Tripp FatherCarotenuto
Linda Tripp HusbandDieter Rausch
Linda Tripp ChildrenRyan and Allison
Linda Tripp ProfessionCivil Servant, Business Owner
Linda Tripp Career1968-2020

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Before she passed away on April 8, 2020, she had a sizable net worth of over $40 million. While working in the Pentagon and White House at the time, Lind Tripp most likely made a substantial income. Along with her second husband, Dieter Raush, Tripp also had a holiday shop with a German winter motif called the Christmas Sleigh. Also, read – Willie Falcon Net Worth 2023

Who is Linda Tripp?

Linda Tripp Net Worth

The American civil servant Linda Tripp was born in 1949 and passed away in April 2020. She was a native of the United States. After some time had passed, she became acquainted with Monica, who was working there as an intern. Even though there was a 24-year age gap between them, they developed a strong connection.

In the Department of Public Relations of the Pentagon, Linda Tripp worked. In 1998, Linda secretly taped President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s talk discussing their affair. This led to a major scandal in the United States and his family. Check – Nicholas Crown Net Worth 2023

Linda Tripp Age

On November 24, 1949, Linda Tripp was born, and She died at 70 in 2020.

Linda Tripp Height/Weight

He is around 178 centimetres (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs 75 kg.

Linda Tripp Family

On November 24, 1949, Linda Tripp was born in the lovely city of Jersey City, which is located in New Jersey, United States. Inge Carotenuto was her mother, and her father’s name was Albert Carotenuto. Her father was a physics and math teacher at the high school level. She was her parents’ sole kid in their whole family.

Linda Tripp graduated from Hanover Park High School in East Hanover, New Jersey, in 1968, the same year her parents split due to her father’s romance with a coworker in the teaching profession. In 1968, Linda Tripp’s parents obtained a divorce.

Linda Tripp Relationship/Husband

Linda Tripp during the course of her life entered into two marriages. The first time she tied the knot was with Bruce Tripp, a military man, in 1971. After a marriage that lasted 19 years, she and Bruce got divorce in the year 1990.

Two children, a son and a girl were born to Linda due to her first marriage. Dieter Rausch, a German architect, became her husband in 2004. On April 8, 2020, Linda lost her battle with pancreatic cancer and died away.

Linda Tripp Career

Her first job was with the army intelligence in Maryland, where she worked as a secretary. This was Linda Tripp’s first experience in the workforce. In the latter part of 1987, she was granted a transfer to the Pentagon and began working in the public relations department there. She was assigned to her position in the government under the presidency of George H. W. Bush and continued working there until the inauguration of Bill Clinton as president in 1993.

In 1994, she was moved from the public relations office at the White House to the public relations office at the Pentagon. Tripp had a positive working relationship with Monica Lewinsky, who was a few years her junior and an intern at the Pentagon. She made $20,000 more in public relations per year than in her previous job. Check – Henry Ruggs Net Worth 2023

While they were both at work, Monica shared with Linda the details of her romance with former President Bill Clinton. When the controversy occurred, they had both known one other for around one and a half years at the very least. After some time had passed, Linda decided to videotape her chat with the president. Monica made the accusation of betrayal against Linda.

Linda Tripp Net Worth

After some time had passed, Linda played the audio for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998. At the time, Monica Lewinsky maintained that she had no relationship with Bill Clinton. Lewinsky’s final words were, “I despise Linda Tripp.” When the Clinton administration ended in 2001, Linda was terminated.

Linda Tripp Earnings 

According to the most recent information from 2023, the well-known American government servant and small company owner, “Linda Tripp” has several sources of income, which have enabled her to increase her net worth to over $40 million.

She makes most of her income from her professional employment (both as a government servant and as the owner of a small company) and from her other enterprises, which she does not reveal. Also, read – PJ Washington Net Worth 2023

Linda Tripp Died 

On Wednesday, Linda Tripp, a former U.S. civil servant who secretly taped telephone conversations with a former White House intern, documented the sex scandal that led to the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton in 1998, passed away at the age of 70. The White House announced her death.

On April 7, 2020, Her son, Ryan Tripp, confirmed her passing to the Washington Post, and her son-in-law, Thomas Foley, verified it to the New York Post. Foley said that Ryan Tripp’s unidentified sickness was unconnected to the coronavirus. Her death was reported in both newspapers.

Linda Tripp Rumors/Controversy

In 1969, when Linda was just 19 years old and noted for her personality, she was arrested in Greenwood Lake on allegations of stealing cash and a wristwatch totalling $263. She was also accused of stealing the wristwatch. However, the charges were dropped before they could be brought before a judge and jury.

Before Tripp was scheduled to testify in front of the grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky investigation in March 1998, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, Kenneth Bacon, and his deputy, Clifford Bernath, leaked to Jane Mayer of the New Yorker how Tripp had responded to that question. After then, the Department of Defense compromised further sensitive data from Linda’s personnel and security files by leaking the material. Also, read – Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2023

FAQs About Linda Tripp Net Worth

Who exactly is Linda Tripp?

Linda Rose Tripp was an American civil servant prominently involved in the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal in 1998. She was born Linda Rose Carotenuto on November 24, 1949, and passed away on April 8, 2020.

When did Linda Tripp come into the world?

She came into the world on November 24, 1949.

How many kids Have Linda Tripp?

Ryan and Allison are her two kids.

How tall is Linda Tripp?

Linda Tripp is 5 feet 10 inches tall (178.0 cm).

Is Linda Tripp alive or dead?

According to our recent research, we found that she died on April 8, 2020, at the age of 70 years due to cancer.


No matter what happens, there will never be a consensus on whether Linda Tripp was a good or bad guy. Opinions will always be split on this question. Many believe that Linda betrayed Monica’s trust and exploited her for her own purposes, while others believe that she is a hero since she brought corrupt politics into the light. After the incident, there is no question that Clinton, Monica, and Linda’s lives took a complete 180-degree turn for the worst.

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