Jb Mauney Net Worth 2023, Income Sources, Wife, Children & More

JB Mauney is an American professional rodeo cowboy who is famous for his bull riding. He is estimated to have a total net worth of around $8 million. He has won the world championships of Professional Bull Riders (PBR). Here in this article, you will find information about Jb Mauney Net Worth, Income Sources, Wife, Children & More

Quick Facts

Celebrated NameJb Mauney
Real NameЈаmеѕ Вurtоn Маunеу
Birthday1978 – 9th January
Location of birthСhаrlоttе, Nоrth Саrоlіnа
Age44 years
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight54 kg
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLехіе Wіgglу(2012-2015),
Ѕаmаnthа Lуnе(2016 tо dаtе)
ProfessionBull Rider
Jb Mauney’s Net Worth$8 million

Who is Jb Mauney?

J.B.” Mauney (born on January 9, 1987) is an American professional rodeo cowboy, who is specialized in bull riding. His most notable accomplishment was spent in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) which won the world championship for the organization in 2013 and 2015. Since 2021, he’s been a full-time competitor in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). Also, he competed in the now-defunct Championship Bull Riding (CBR) circuit. Mauney is widely regarded as the most successful Bull rider of his time. He is known for selecting the best bull from the pen when given the option.

Personal life

Mauney had a relationship with Lexie Wiggly from 2012 to 2015. In 2016, he got married to Samantha Lyne. On the 23rd of January 2019, Mauney along with his partner Samantha was blessed with the arrival of their son. Mauney also has one daughter (born in the year 2011) who was born in a previous relationship. 

As recently as the year 2019 Mauney with his wife and children resided in Mooresville, North Carolina where Mauney was a resident for the majority time. They later moved to Cotulla, Texas for a couple of years. In the second half of 2020, Mauney bought an estate located in Stephenville, Texas and in early 2022’s the family and he moved to Stephenville.

Jb Mauney Net Worth

Jb Mauney Net Worth is $8 million

JB Mauney’s net worth is $8 million. He has won both his first two PBR World Finals, he has won two times. With an earnings total of $8,314,805.23, He is the undisputed cash winner for Professional Bull Riders. The year he had the best time in 2013, he was able to earn both 2013 and 2015.

In 2013, the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas was where he won $1.385 million. This was his first victory in the world rankings. This earned him the title of”world champion. While on vacation in 2013 he made $1,807,710.75.

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JB Mauney Social Media Accounts

House, Wife and children

House, Wife and children

JB Mauney’s first bride had been Lexie Wiggly, they both got married in 2012. However, their marriage didn’t last very long and they were granted a divorce in the year 2015. Samantha Lyne is the 2nd wife of JB Mauney. The couple got married in the year 2016. The couple has two children (one daughter and one son): Anthony Mauney (son) and Bella Mauney (daughter). By the end of 2020, JB Mauney bought a home located in Stephenville, Texas, since the time he has lived with his entire family.


The PBR and fans think of Mauney as an icon because of his accomplishments and records. In January of 2018, Mauney became the third bull rider to complete 500 rides in the top series. He took the bull All The Way Up for 87.25 points in Round 1 of the Monster Energy Buck-Off at Madison Square Garden in January 2018. In addition to his world championships, there are numerous wins at events and is in the process of breaking the record for the longest 90-point ride. 

He has earned more money than the rest of the bull riders, more than $8 million. He also has ridden all of the current PBR World Champion Bulls during his career, with the exception of Mossy Oak Mudslinger, Smooth Operator, Woopra and Ridin Solo.

Jb Mauney Injuries

In July 2017 Mauney was aiming to be the winner of his third Calgary Stampede for the third time. But an injury forced everything he’d been working towards off the table. Mauney had a time of 8 seconds at Cowahbunga in what was classified as a 90.5 ride, which was his second win within four days.

 However, when his dismount didn’t occur according to plan, the bull took a step on the rodeo’s shoulder. People watched in horror as the medical team carried Mauney off in an ambulance.

Since Mauney’s arm was extended at the moment, the force from the bull was so strong that it “knocked the bone away during the process,” according to PBR medical director Dr Tandy Freeman.

Awards and Achievements

Jb Mauney Net Worth 2023-

Mauney’s career has been marked with numerous accolades and accomplishments. In fact, he was just a few months into his professional career when he was awarded a Rookie of the Year award back in 2006. From 2009 to 2013, he broke records by taking home his place in the World Finals twice. He also was a two-time champion in the World Champion Bull Rider between 2013 and 2015.

His Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits

A young, hard-working and determined bull rider from Mooreville, North Carolina, JB Mauney had one goal in mind: becoming”the “World Champion Bull Rider.”

Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, JB did not have any “option B” for his future. Instead, he poured all of his energy and time to bull riding. He began riding bulls at the tender age of three and by the age of 15, JB purchased his very first bull. For him, each day was a chance to put in the hours hoping that one day he would follow the path of pro-bull riders (PBR) legendary riders. 

He was not able to resist a love for many of the most famous stars such as Tar two-time world champion Chris Chivers, the world’s most well-known PBR Iron Man J.W. Hart along with other bull riders like Justine McBride, and Jerome Davis who proved their superior bull riding skills at the arena.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is JB Mauney dating?

According to our records JB Mauney was was married with Samantha Lyne , Lexie Wiggly. As of January 10, 2023, JB Mauney’s is not dating anyone.

Is Jb Mauney still bull riding?

Mauney announced that he will not be competing at the PBR and would instead focus at the PRCA to get himself ready for his first National Final Rodeo (NFR).

How old are Jb Mauney?

He is 36 years old in 2023

Is JB Mauney married?

Samantha Lyne is the 2nd wife of JB Mauney. Lexie Wiggly was the first wife of JB Mauney (2012-2015).

What is the Jb Mauney Net Worth?

Jb Mauney Net Worth is estimated to have $8 million by 2023.

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