Katherine Durant Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Portland Oregon

Katherine Durant is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who has had great success in the past few years. She is the co-founder of a Portland, Oregon-based software company, which has seen its share of successes and difficulties. Katherine Durant is also very active in the community, having founded a foundation to help underprivileged children in Portland.

But who exactly is Katherine Durant? What’s her age, her net worth, and her background? Read on to find out more about this extraordinary woman!

Quick data

Name:Katherine Durant
Date of Birth:Under Research
Family Name:Durant
Father and Mother:Under Research
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Gordon Sondland
Net Worth:$60 Million
Birth Place:Under Research
Height:5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight:61 Kg
Zodiac Sign:Leo

Who is Katherine Durant?

Katherine Durant was born in Portland, Oregon, in the 1970s. She is the only child of Bill and Linda Durant. Her father is a successful businessman, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Katherine has always been a bright and precocious child. She was an honor roll student throughout her schooling and was active in extracurricular activities, such as dance and soccer. Upon graduating from high school, she attended the University of Oregon, where she majored in business administration.

Katherine is a smart and ambitious young woman with a promising future ahead of her. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in marketing or advertising. She is currently single and enjoying the freedom that comes with being young and unattached. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her close group of friends, exploring new restaurants and bars, and going on adventures in the great outdoors.

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Katherine Durant Age

She is 52 years old

Physical Stats and more

  • Height: The height of Katherine Durant is 5 Feet 9 Inches.
  • Weight: Her weight is 61 Kg.
  • Eye Color: Her eye color is brown.
  • Hair Color: Her hair color is brown.
  • Tattoo Details: She does not have a tattoo.

Katherine Durant Wiki / Biography

Katherine Durant is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the co-founder of the Durant Company, a real estate development firm, and the Durant Foundation, a charitable organization.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Katherine Durant is the daughter of real estate developer George Durant and his wife Ruth. She has two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth. She graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

After graduation, she worked for several years in her father’s company before moving to New York City to work in investment banking. In New York, she met her future husband, William Rastetter. The couple married in 2001 and have three children: William Jr., Katherine, and Christopher.

In 2009, the Durants founded the Durant Company, a real estate development firm specializing in sustainable buildings. The company has developed several award-winning projects, including the Pearl District Lofts in Portland and The Vue Apartments in San Francisco.

The Durants are also active philanthropists. In 2010, they founded the Durant Foundation, which supports educational initiatives for underserved youth. The foundation has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships to low-income students attending college.

Durant is also a philanthropist and serves on the board of directors for several nonprofits, including WE Connect International and the Ms. Foundation for Women. In 2018, she was named one of Forbes’ “America’s Top 50 Women In Tech”.

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Katherine Durant’s Net Worth

Katherine Durant Net Worth: $60 Million as of 2023

In 2013, Durant co-founded Aspect Ventures with Theresia Gouw Ranzetta. The firm focuses on investing in early-stage technology companies led by women and underrepresented minorities. As of 2018, Aspect Ventures had raised $75 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital.

Katherine Durant Portland Oregon

Katherine Durant was born in Portland, Oregon, in the 1970s. She is the daughter of a businessman and a homemaker. She has one sister and two brothers. Her parents divorced when she was three years old, and she was raised by her mother in Portland.

Katherine Durant Early Life

Katherine Durant Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Portland Oregon
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She was raised in a middle-class family and attended public schools. Durant is the oldest of three siblings. In 2008, she graduated from high school and began attending college at the University of Oregon. After a year of college, she took a break to pursue modeling full-time. In 2010, she moved to Los Angeles to better her chances at becoming a successful model. After several years of modeling, Katherine decided to return to school and finish her degree. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in business administration.

Katherine Durant Career

Katherine Durant had a very successful career as a lawyer. She was a partner at a prestigious law firm and also worked as a legal consultant for many years. She retired from her law career in 2009 but continues to work as a mediator and arbitrator.

Katherine J. Durant Foundation

The Katherine J. Durant Foundation was founded in memory of Katherine J. Durant, who passed away in 2017. The foundation is dedicated to supporting the education and enrichment of young people in the Portland, Oregon area.

The foundation provides scholarships to high school students pursuing higher education, as well as financial support for programs that provide enrichment opportunities for young people. The foundation also supports initiatives that promote access to quality education for all young people in the Portland area.

Since its inception, the Katherine J. Durant Foundation has awarded over $1 million in scholarships and grants. The foundation is committed to helping young people reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their community.

Katherine Durant Education

Katherine Durant was born in Portland, Oregon, and attended the local public schools. She then went on to study at the University of Oregon, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in education. After graduation, she taught for a number of years in the Oregon public school system before returning to school to earn her master’s degree in education from the same university. She has since been working as an educational consultant in the Portland area.

Affairs, Relationship Status, Gossip, and Rumors

Katherine Durant is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Michael. The couple has been together for over two years and they seem very happy. There have been no rumors or gossip about their relationship.

Katherine’s previous relationships were with actor James Franco and musician John Mayer. She was also rumored to be dating actor Orlando Bloom at one point.

Family Members

Katherine Durant is the wife of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. The couple has been married since 2017 and has a young daughter together. Katherine is a native of Portland, Oregon, and met Kevin while he was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The two now reside in the Bay Area, where Kevin plays for the Golden State Warriors. Katherine is a stay-at-home mom and is very active on social media. She often posts photos and videos of her family, as well as updates on Kevin’s career.

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