Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Bio, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Youtube, Instagram,

Leahsfieldnotes is a well-known model and YouTube blogger. Her nickname is Leah Wei, and she amazes her viewers with her extraordinary adventures her interesting content.

This post will teach you about Leahsfieldnote’s Net Worth, age, height, weight, career, boyfriend, youtube revenue, and much more. Let us see

Brief Facts On Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth 2023, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Boyfriend, Family, Youtube, Instagram

Leahsfieldnotes Real NameLeah Wei
Leahsfieldnotes Age26 years old
Leahsfieldnotes BirthdayMay 30, 1997
Leahsfieldnotes Birth PlaceShenzhen, China
Leahsfieldnotes Weight60 kg
Leahsfieldnotes Height5 feet 8 inches
Leahsfieldnotes ProfessionYoutuber, Model & Instagram
Leahsfieldnotes YouTube ChannelLeah’s Fieldnotes
Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth $25 Million
Leahsfieldnotes Monthly Income$80,000
Leahsfieldnotes Annual income$960,000
Leahsfieldnotes Income SourceYoutube, sponsorship, Ads, Model
Leahsfieldnotes InstagramClick here
Leahsfieldnotes Youtube ChannelClick here
Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth 2023

Leahsfieldnotes has a net worth of around $25 million. Her real name is Leah Wei, and she was born in Shenzhen, China. She is a professional YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, and Model with a youtube channel called “Leah’s Fieldnotes,” where she offers travel vlogs and other content. Leahsfieldnotes receives millions of views every day on her YouTube account and Instagram. She has almost 650K subscribers on her channel.

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Leahsfieldnotes started her YouTube channel on January 28, 2015. Initially, she did not get any views, but in 2018, her video went viral and became quite known on the Internet. She has over 120 videos on her channel and over 650K followers. This shows how her video has gone viral daily. According to several estimates, she gets $250,000 via YouTube.

LeahsFieldnotes Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022$ 25 million
Net Worth in 2021$ 22 million
Net Worth in 2020$ 19 million
Net Worth in 2019$ 15 million
Net Worth in 2018$ 13 million

Leahsfieldnotes Biography

Leahsfieldnotes is a stunning young model and social media influencer. She was born in Canada on May 30, 1997, and she continues to reside there with her family.

Leahsfieldnotes is recognized for her work in social media. She is one of the gorgeous models in the modeling profession and a fitness enthusiast. Her slender waistline is so appealing that her beauty might drive anybody insane.

Leahsfieldnotes Age

Leahsfieldnotes was born in Shenzhen, China, on May 30, 1997. In 2023, she will be 26 years old.

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Leahsfieldnotes Weight & Height

Leah Wei, a beautiful Chinese girl, is roughly 172 cm tall and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is considered a decent height. Her weight is around 60 kg.

Leahsfieldnotes Family

After extensive study, we could not uncover the precise information about her parents and other family members. We will notify you as soon as we get any information.

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Leahsfieldnotes Career

Leahsfieldnotes began her professional life as a travel blogger. She started a youtube channel named leahsfieldnotes to talk about her experiences with her loved ones. Soon she gained popularity rapidly and admirers from around the globe.

Leahsfieldnotes started getting proposals from companies to advertise their goods as her blog gained popularity. She later started working for businesses full-time and reduced the frequency of her blog updates.

Leahsfieldnotes has switched her attention in recent years to Instagram and YouTube. She now updates her YouTube channel with travel-related vlogs and often advertises things on her Instagram profile. Despite changes in her work, she continues to be enthusiastic about travel and sharing her experiences with others.

Leahsfieldnotes Boyfriend

Leahsfieldnotes is dating a person named Tim Dormer, who is also influential on social media. 2016 marks the beginning of their relationship, which has continued to this day.

They often share photos and videos from their trips on social media profiles specific to each of them. It is quite evident that they enjoy their time spent together.

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Even though there is no official confirmation of their relationship, it appears probable that Leahsfieldnotes (Leah Wei) and Tim Dormer are cohabitating. They upload photographs and videos from the same areas rather often, which leads one to believe they live together.

We have high hopes that Leah Wei and Tim Dormer will continue to appear in the future! They complement each other very well as a pair, and we do not doubt that they will have further professional achievement.

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Leahsfieldnotes YouTube

As you may know, Leahsfieldnotes (Liah Wei) is a popular YouTuber who began her YouTube adventure on July 2, 2016 and submitted her first video on that day, despite joining YouTube on January 28, 2015.

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Leahsfieldnotes has been on YouTube for almost five years and has uploaded over 65 videos. And his YouTube channel now has over 510 K subscribers. Regarding the typical thoughts of her YouTube videos, she has been on YouTube for about five years, and her views range between 200-300,000, sometimes fewer and sometimes more.

Her most famous YouTube video has 1.9 million views and is titled “20 inches of + bangs a sad haircut ft. The video, “A special guest,” has been seen over 1.9 million times.

Leahsfieldnotes Instagram

Leah Wei’s Instagram account has nearly as many followers as her YouTube channel. She has over 203K followers and is still growing! She frequently publishes images and videos of her travels on her page, as well as sponsored content from brands with which she collaborates.

FAQs Regarding Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth 2023

Who is Leahsfieldnotes?

Leahsfieldnotes is a model, social media influencer, and professional YouTuber who posts travel vlogs and other content.

How old are Leahsfieldnotes?

Leahsfieldnotes was born in Shenzhen, China, on May 30, 1997. He will become 26 years old on May 30, 2023.

How tall is Leahsfieldnotes?

Leahsfieldnotes is a stunning Chinese girl with an excellent height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Are there any boyfriends of Leahsfieldnotes?

Leahsfieldnotes is dating a person named Tim Dormer, who is also influential on social media. 2016 marks the beginning of their relationship, which has continued to this day. However, there was no official announcement regarding her relationship.

How much money do Leahsfieldnotes make each month and annually?

Leahsfieldnotes makes around 80K USD monthly via youtube, while he makes about 960K USD a year.

Where is Leahsfieldnotes born?

Leah Wei was born in Shenzhen, China, on May 30, 1997.

How much money do Leahsfieldnotes make from YouTube?

Over $20,000 is Leahsfieldnotes notes YouTube revenue.

How much is Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth?

Leahsfieldnotes is the creator of the youtube channel and has a net worth of around $25 million.

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth


We’ve covered all there is to know about LeahsFieldNotes Net Worth. LeahsFieldNotes has disclosed all of the details on her YouTube channel. So everything here is authentic and genuine. However, she did not share her income or net worth. As a result, these earnings and LeahsFieldNotes’ net worth are projected rather than actual.

Furthermore, there are numerous pieces of information that we are unable to supply due to a lack of data. However, as soon as we get any new information, we will provide an update. So, don’t be concerned, and stay tuned for future posts.

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