Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2023, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, Parents, Profession, Education

Nick DiGiovanni is an internationally recognized Chef, born in the United States on May 19, 1996. The celebrity chef and reality television personality became famous after participating in tenth season of the MasterChef.

Here you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about Nick Digiovanni’s professional and personal life, including Nick Digiovanni Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, Wife, and Parents, Youtube Channel, Education, and many more.

Brief Facts On Nick Digiovanni Net Worth 2023, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Birthday, Nationality, Siblings 

Nick Digiovanni Real NameNick Digiovanni
Nick Digiovanni Age27 years
Nick Digiovanni Height6 Feet 2 Inches
Nick Digiovanni Weight70 kg
Nick Digiovanni Birthday19 May 1996
Nick Digiovanni SiblingsThree Siblings
Nick Digiovanni BirthplaceProvidence, United States
Nick Digiovanni NationalityAmerican
Nick Digiovanni ProfessionInfluencer/Chef
Nick Digiovanni GirlfriendIsabelle Tashima
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth$5 million
Nick DiGiovanni Salary$782,000 to $1.52 million annually
Nick DiGiovanni Youtube Income$ 25 K – $ 31 K
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth

Nick DiGiovanni Biography

Nick DiGiovanni was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 19, 1996. He now lives in BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA. His mother is of German and Italian descent, while his father is of English and Persian descent. Unfortunately, his father and mother’s names are still unrecognized.

Nick DiGiovanni has never revealed his parents’ names in public. Maybe he isn’t comfortable discussing them in public. He has just mentioned his ancestors and ethnicity.

Nick DiGiovanni keeps the users entertained with his short videos of simple dishes. He accelerates the material to be completed in less than one minute. The majority of his videos are under one minute long. He makes movies, particularly for foods that are out of the ordinary.

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Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2023

Nick DiGiovanni earns money from various sources, with his primary source of revenue standing as his company. He also makes money from YouTube and brand sponsorships.

On his website, “,” he offers a selection of luxury salts ranging from 13 to 80 dollars. American chef Nick DiGiovanni Net worth of $5 million, and he makes an estimated $782,000 to $1.52 million annually through his company and Youtube income, among other sources.

Nick DiGiovanni MasterChef Career

Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth

The 23-year-old boy joined the MasterChef in 2019, hoping to win the title, but the world had different ideas for him. The judges liked Nick DiGiovanni’s handcrafted Lamb Raviolis, and he received the MasterChef apron. After appearing on Master Chef, he went to college and gained an MBA in Food and Science.

In October and November 2019, he provided private chef and catering services, personal dining experiences with guest appearances, local pop-up cooking events, pop-up dinners, and other culinary ventures. Nick uploaded his first instructional cooking video on YouTube in 2020, showing how to prepare a steak. It was cooked perfectly medium-rare.

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He is now a social media culinary influencer with over 2 million YouTube subscribers and over 5 million TikTok followers. Nick DiGiovanni earned the Streamy award for best food maker on YouTube in 2021. Nick’s videos were watched over 5 billion times by 2021. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Nick also has the world’s tallest cake pop record.

The MasterChef finalist is following his culinary career while creating his products, including Flambé Candles, Voodles Pasta, and Osmo Salt. On the other hand, Nick has never allowed his imagination to hold him back from achieving new heights, so he designed a pasta composed entirely of veggies.

His pasta company, Voodles Pasta, is famous because it enables parents to impose veggies on their children without convincing them. Digiovanni’s holdings in Osmo Salt and Flambé Candles also substantially contribute to Nick DiGiovanni’s net worth.

Nick DiGiovanni Age

American chef, internet personality, and entertainer whose name Nick DiGiovanni is now 26 years old. He was born on May 19, 1996.

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Nick DiGiovanni Height

Fans of Nick Digiovanni who don’t know how tall he is, so here we will inform you. The height of Nick Digiovanni is 6 Feet 2 Inches.

Nick DiGiovanni Nationality

He is born in the USA, and Nick DiGiovanni Nationality is American.

Nick DiGiovanni Education

Because of his passion for the kitchen, he gained his Master of Business Administration from Harvard University in Food Science. Nick DiGiovanni, who has a lot of skills, was also a finalist in the American cooking competition program Master Chef. In addition, Nick was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the season. He finished in third place overall.

Nick DiGiovanni Girlfriend/Wife

Nick DiGiovanni GirlFriend

The young chef’s love life is just as diverse as his work as a chef. Since more than two years ago, Nick DiGiovanni has been dating Isabelle Tashima. Given that they both attended Harvard, it’s possible that they met there. Isabelle Tashima, the girlfriend of Nick DiGiovanni, works as an investment banking analyst.

On the other hand, they never pass up an occasion to show their love for one another, as seen by the gorgeous pictures of them together that they often post on Instagram. Nick sent a heartfelt tribute on Instagram to his partner.

Nick DiGiovanni Parents

He is a resident of the USA. He also has three additional brothers, and all of them are boys. Nick DiGiovanni is the oldest. His mother battled cancer but is now well, and they produce excellent culinary videos. His father’s name is Gordon, his mother’s name is Lynnja, and they are a happy couple.

Nick DiGiovanni Youtube Channel

Nick also runs a YouTube channel named Nick DiGiovanni. He remains active and consistently uploads new things to his channel. He has 350 videos published to his YouTube account and 4.16 million followers. There have been 1,433,427,302 views on his channel overall.

FAQs Regarding Nick Digiovanni Net Worth 2023

Does Nick Digiovanni identify as gay?

No, Nick Digiovanni isn’t gay.

How old is Nick Digiovanni?

The age that Nick Digiovanni is at this moment is 27 years old.

How tall is Nick Digiovanni?

Nick Digiovanni has an impressive height of 6 Feet 2 Inches.

What is the name of Nick Digiovanni Girlfriend?

It has been reported that Nick Digiovanni is dating Isabelle Tashima.

What exactly is Nick Digiovanni?

Nick Digiovanni is a Chef, Internet Personality, and Entertainer from the United States of America.

Is Nick DiGiovanni a chef in the real world?

He worked as a chef and was also a contestant on the tenth season of American MasterChef.

At this time, what is Nick DiGiovanni doing?

Nick DiGiovanni is presently operating a company and a YouTube channel and is an influential figure on many social media platforms.

What is the Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth in 2023?

Nick DiGiovanni’s net worth is $ 5 Million.

At this time, where is Nick DiGiovanni living?

Nick DiGiovanni is a resident of Boston, which is located in Massachusetts, in the United States.

Nick DiGiovanni


Nick DiGiovanni is a well-known celebrity chef with a net worth of about $5 Million. This money was obtained by the famous chef from a variety of different sources. His popularity on YouTube has led to several lucrative opportunities, including broadcast appearances, partnerships in the restaurant industry, and even the opening of his very own eatery. Additionally, he is the founder of the famous pasta brand Voodles, LLC, which is made from vegetables.

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