Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023, Age, Wiki, Bio, Profession, Weight, Height, Nationality, Birth Date

Crunchy Black is the nickname name of Darnell Carlton. He is an American rapper and hype man with an estimated net worth of $8 million in 2023. He was also a member of the Oscar-winning rap group “Three 6 Mafia” from the group’s formation in 2006.

Today’s post will tell you about Crunchy Black Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Height, Wife, Family, Education, Career and many more.

Brief Facts On Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023, Age, Profession, Weight, Height, Nationality, Birth Date and many more…

Crunchy Black Real NameDarnell Carlton
Crunchy Black Birth DateAugust 20, 1974
Crunchy Black Birth PlaceSouth Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
Crunchy Black Age48 years old
Crunchy Black Weight66 kilograms
Crunchy Black Height5 feet and 7 inches
Crunchy Black ProfessionRapper
Crunchy Black NationalityAmerican
Crunchy Black Zodiac SignVirgo
Crunchy Black Net Worth$8 million

Crunchy Black Bio | Wiki

Crunchy Black, also known as CB, Crunch, or Crunchy Mane, was born in Indiana in August 1974 and now resides in Memphis, Tennessee. He is best known for being a founding member of the Grammy Award-winning hip hop group Three 6 Mafia from its inception until 2006.

Crunchy Black, who calls his dance style “G-Walking,” claims that he first did it at Club Memphis. Although he did not create this dance, he considered himself a forerunner of the genre because of how well he did it.

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Crunchy Black Net Worth

Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023

As of 2022-2023, Crunchy Black has a net worth of about $8 million. At only 19 years of age, Crunchy Black started his career. Along with his friends, including Lord Novelous, Koorsta Kinnassa, and others, he was a founding member of the rap group Three 6 Mafia.

They worked under the label, Nurnot as well. Their talents were quickly reinforced when they won the Academy Award in 2006. Сrunсhу Вlасk іѕ now а frее mаn, іnсаrсеrаtеd frоm аll thе сhаrgеѕ fіlеd towards hіm.

Не іѕ реrfоrmіng wіth thе rеіnсаrnаtеd grоuр Dа Маfіа 6іх. Even though some of the group’s members are no longer alive, the group is doing quite well at reforming.

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Crunchy Black Career 

Crunchy Black started his career at a very young age of 19, becoming an essential member of the rap group ‘Three 6 Mafia’. He was one of the founders. He left the group after 13 years in 2006 to go solo. As a result, the move caused a lot of tension among the group members.

There were some monetarism issues as well. The combination of all these factors led to Сrunсhу Вlасk being attacked on May 01 2012, when came him in thе face and leg. He was fortunate to survive the murder attempt and return to his feet in a few days.

In terms of the music, three six students, mafia, took home the award for the best original song, an incredibly prestigious award. Many of them broke weighting charts as a group.

He released his solo album, On my own, in 2006 after leaving the group. Many other albums followed, including ‘From me to you, etc. Most of the albums ranked top ten on the Billboard Radio Albums chart.

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In 2013, Сrunсhу Вlасk joined Dough Mafia 6, a reincarnation of the Three Six Mafia. He has often had issues with this law due to domestic violence, robbery of cans, and three felonies. As of today, he is free.

Crunchy Black Net Worth

Crunchy Black Age

The current age of Crunchy Black is 48 years old, born on August 01, 1974, in South Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, and has the zodiac sign of Leo. We will maintain a record of his date of birth and let you know his current age the following year on the day he celebrates his birthday.

Crunchy Black Height & Weight

He stands 170 centimeters tall and weighs 66 kilograms. His height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Crunchy Black has a one-of-a-kind body style complemented by fantastic height and body dimensions.  

Crunchy Black Relationship

He is not currently dating anybody and is not in a relationship. Crunchy Black is not involved with anybody. We don’t know anything about Crunchy Black’s prior relationships or whether he was previously engaged. According to our information, Crunchy Black does not have any children.

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Crunchy Black Education

Crunchy Black has received high marks for his performance from childhood. He started high school when he was 16 years old. Crunchy Black obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from a public US state institution after finishing high school.

Crunchy Black Illegal Issue

In March of 2014, law enforcement in Minnesota detained Crunchy Black for two separate crimes: one involving domestic abuse and the other involving possession of cocaine. Crunchy was taken into custody shortly after a judge in Minnesota’s Stearns County issued three significant warrants for his arrest. After TMZ broke the news about him, he was acquitted and freed.

Crunchy Black Social Media

He is a rapper, born on August 20, 1974, is considered by many to be the most prominent social media personality in the world. Crunchy is the model of a celebrity who can effectively persuade others.

Because of the high number of people that follow him on social media sites, he often shares a lot of personal images and videos on such platforms to communicate with his extensive fan base.

A more personal touch and interaction with his fans are encouraged. You may continue scrolling down to see the information on his social media platforms.

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WikipediaCrunchy Black Wikipedia

FAQs Regarding Crunchy Black Net Worth

What Is The Age Of Crunchy Black?

Crunchy Black, who turned 48 years old on August 20, 1974, was born.

Crunchy Black: Does It Still Alive?

He is still active, and Spotify also has his albums accessible. Some of his best-known albums are My Way, From Me To You, and Money Ain’t Nothing to Play With.

Where Was Crunchy Black Born?

Crunchy Black was born in Indiana, USA.

Which Country Does Crunchy Black Come From?

Crunchy Black is American. He presently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States.

What Is The Weight Of Crunchy Black?

His weight is 66 kilograms.

What Is The Height Of Crunchy Black?

His height is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 centimeters).

What Is Crunchy Black’s Real Name?

Crunchy Black’s actual name is Darnell Carlton.

How Much Is Crunchy Black Net Worth?

Crunchy Black Net Worth is $8 million in 2023.

Crunchy Black Net Worth


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